Saturday, August 6, 2011

Lovin' the Water...

Here is a recap of all of our summer fun in the water. Hank took swim lessons for the entire month of June. He was really good. He did not like being told what to do, because I think he really believes he already know how to swim. If he could just learn to hold his breath I would let him go. He is amazing in the water, he kicks his legs, blows bubbles, and does his arms over under just like he is suppossed to. I think the swim lessons were perfect. He learned to monkey walk along the pool, how to push up out of the pool, how to count to 3 and jump in the pool while making contact with someone in the pool to catch him. He is really close to swimming! We lived in water all summer.

We also did SPLASH DAYS at church with my new job as Preschool Assistant Director, I tried to play mommy and worker, tought job with a very active toddler running around.

We got invited to go on the boat with our sweet friends The Panter's one day....

Jumping off to Daddy in the water.
 Jumping off the boat with Mommy!

 Jordan and Hank telling Robert where to park the boat.
Captain Hank!