Monday, January 2, 2012

2012:Pray Specifically, BE STILL, Scatter JOY!

I absolutely love this!  I know I am kind of dancing around and haven't blogged in a while, but I promise I will. I need to post Hank's birthday party first (it was FABULOUS), then Christmas "Baby Jesus" birthday, it was even more FABULOUS! But... I didn't want to miss sharing this precious work of art.

I am praying to make better decisions about my health, and my families health this 2012.  I have decided for my New Years Resolution to cut out all soda and fast food.  On the go is the way of life I am accustomed to, and more frequently than not, we drive through because we are just so busy.  But, I have really felt convicted about making better choices not only for my momma body, but for my families' as well.  I am choosing to lead by example and set the bar for the rest of my boys to follow. 
 I hope Hank starts asking to drink "Momma's Water" not "Momma Coke". 

Happy New Year!

(Hank and Taylor Mae)