Monday, July 20, 2009

Countdown to Hank!


So I have become pretty emotional lately about the littlest things, I think my hormones are very much in over drive. It's so funny, I hardly ever cry or have lots of emotion about much. But lately I have felt so in tune with my emotions, weird huh? I cry at every tv show that has to do with children, my newest obsession is 16 and Pregnant the MTV realtiy show I know, it's a joke I am really crying about reality tv, I am such a wimp! But I have felt so thankful through these feelings. I have an amazing family, fabulous husband who is such a rock to this family. he works so hard every day to provide for us and he is such a spiritual rock as well. I know that we are so lucky to have one another and the support of everyone we surround ourselves with. I am so thankful for our new baby and for everything to be going so smoothly. We are truly blessed and are so happy! I can't wait to give Hank all the love we have in our hearts for him and to be able to snuggle so tight.

I have added a mini version of the countdown to my sidebar so that we can keep up with it!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Phase II... Furniture!!

So Derric went and got the furniture yesterday and I went and picked up the dogs from there little manhood surgery...

Here is the work in progress and then the finished product. We will have bedding and accessories soon, everything has been ordered and some should ship by Monday!

The box opening begins....

Daddy has so mnay pieces....

Finally a man who will read some directions... (well after the fact)!

I just found out I love this stuff I am wrapped in it is very cozy, I told Derric if we were ever poor and had to live under a bridge I would sew this together for us for blankets! haha weird huh? I know it! My job was to take all the trash to the garage and empty boxes, man I was good at my job!

Gramms and Derric partnered up to screw everything in and figure out what went where, the directions were so vague. Derric said that's why men aren't suppossed to use them.

Hammer time, or is that a screw?

And finally.... the finished pieces!!!

A special thanks to my darling husband for putting this together so quickly and for my mom for helping out and for bringing her famous Chicken Spaghetti for us to enjoy while we were working! Oh and for Ms. Connie's homemade Chocolate Cake yummy! Muah to you all!

Thursday, July 16, 2009


Mute music from player on side then press play on video...

This was what they looked like when they came home! They never cuddle together like this, they were still on lots of drugs!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Hanks Nursery Phase I

The before picture...

So since we bought our furniture in June to save a few hundred dollars on a sale ending at the end of the month, we had a small window of time to get the nursery going. I was so unsure what to do for the nursery if we had a boy? I don't love pastel looking bedding but I still wanted it to look like a nursery... I found a panel of drapes form Pottery Barn Kids that I really like and kind of just went off of that, it also had a chair to match and storage bens so I bought all three! Here are those pics....

So after looking in the catalog quite a but, I found a new trend on painting... it's in to not be matchy matchy with paint... So I decided to use the soft tones on the walls to make the colors really pop! I called the catalog and asked them which Benjamin Moore paint they used in this picture. So, I ran to get the paint and I pulled out the picture and taped it to the door so we could copy it!

So we jumped right on it.... Derric's mom came over one day and helped me tape off the room and she started on the trim until Derric got home to help with the heavy painting. I helped tape off the room and was the Walmart errand runner! Since I couldn't help with any painting! This was over 3 different days... We started with painting it all one color!

We then taped off all the stipes!

We then had to seal the paint with a credit card so the paint wouldn't run!

Next we painted over the tape so it woudl seal the original paint colro so if it did run... it would run in the original color first!

Then we painted the other color and Ta Da!!

We get the furniture delivered on Thursday and this weekend the closets will be finished, we had double doors put on instead so we couls utilized the space of the closet more efficently! More pictures to come!!!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Who will Hank look like?

So people think I am crazy but the side profile of this baby at 13 weeks looks just like Derric to me... So here are a few pictures of us as little people to share!

Derric as a newborn....

Me as a newborn......

Derric as an infant.....

Me as an infant.....

Derric going into toddler stage....

Me going into toddler stage.....

Derric as a toddler...

Me as a toddler....

It will be so cool to see how Hank takes after each of us in different ways. Can't wait to be a part of it!

Hank and Derric

I can't wait to see Hank be like this with Derric!!!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sushi and Candles

For my birthday dinner, I decided I wanted to go to one of my favorite little restraunts downtown RA Sushi! Although I couldn't eat anything raw I still enjoyed several different rolls and appetizers that were baby friendly that were cooked! It was soo yummy, the first time I had ever been was with one of my bestfriends Jenny in Vegas! I had my very closest friends come (except the Hayter's :(... Logan had softball games). Everyone was so sweet to bring me and Hank fabulous little goodies for my birthday! We had such a fun time spending quality time with our very best friends!

Me and Derric

Beth and Robert Panter

Lee(Derric's brother)and Jennifer Harughty

Cathy and Chris Estep

Gabi and her fabulous new Boy Jonathon!

The Vegas Roll and Caterillar Roll Yummy!

Thank you all so much for the birthday loving! Muah!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Happy Birthday To Me... & Suprise It's A Boy!

We had such an eventful day! We started out at the hospital at 7:30 to find out what the baby was going to be! I was given a few directions before coming.... have a full bladder when you arrive, come 30 minutes early and don't be upset if the baby doesn't cooperate! Well.. when we get there I start chugging the water and find out that we didn't have the doctors order? What...I am totally upset the doctor never gave us a form or duh? I would have brought it. I even asked several times if everything was set up and good to go for my birthday appointment both times I went to my doctors appointments. You see I waited an extra week to find out on my birthday so I planned this thing way in advance to make sure I could get in on my birthday and I took the first appointment of the day so I didn't have to bear the anticiaption! So they finally call the backline to the nurses station and have someone fax the order... Whoo! that was a close one. Then they call me and Derric back to get dressed and ready for the ultrsound ... we are ready so the lady starts looking at all the babies organs and says to me your bladder isn't full enough? I am thinking...What are you kidding me?!? I am about to burst woman! How can I drink anymore water don't you know this baby is jumping up and down on my uteris! So since I was already on strike 1 with my doctors orders not being brought I thought, oh crap I better do something fast! I asked Derric to refill my water bottle with the disgusting tap water out of the faucet in the room and I chugged another bottle in 30 seconds. I thought maybe she will keep looking so she agreed it would be okay if I did that and she would take pictures of all the baby's organs in the meanwhile since it takes a few minutes to fitrate down the body! So she finally is done taking pictures of the kidney, heart, and brain, etc.. So it's the moment we have been waiting for and she starts to shake her head and say "Hmmm, Hmmmmmmmm"? I am thinking inside what lady is it a boy or a girl common on, first of all I have to pea like Niagra Falls here she is rolling that dumb cursor over my belly and I am totally uncomfortable and all she can say is... Hmmmm? She continues to tell me that she cannot tell what the baby is because the baby won't sit still long enough? For those of you who know me I am sure you are thinking suprise, suprise, the baby won't sit still, hahaa! Well, I didn't eat much because I thought if I ate very much maybe they wouldn't get an accurate reading. Come on, I didnt' even wear pink because I didn't want to jinx myself (since intially I wanted to THINK PINK)... Derric totally sported the blue although I warned him of the superstition I had heard about! So, she tells me she is available on Friday! I begged "Ma'am this is my birthday and I could have found out last week but I didn't because I wanted to find out on this special day is there anything else I can do"? Holding my tears back with a knot in my throat she told me she was full all day but if I went and got breakfast I could come back and she could try to slip me in. So I did, my stomach was growling like a grizzly bear inside and I thought to myself, you dummy if your hungry the baby must be to, and baby's don't sit still if they are hungry they kick and cry so what did I do... I went to the Black Walnut Cafe (one of my favorites) and had a nice big breakfast because I always want a nap after a big breakfast, so maybe the baby will too! Guess what we came right back to th hospital and she had a cancelation, thank goodness. We went right back and the baby was asleep we got lots of pictures and found out... WE ARE HAVING A BEAUTIFUL BOUNCING BOY! Hank Von Harughty.... and the rest is history! The whole family is estatic!

After we left we went to Target and Babies R Us, and registered and picked up a few things, I got a lot form my mom and dad too for the baby! I think we are off to a great start!!! What a wonderful birthday blessing! I am tickled BLUE now!

Derric and I had so much fun picking out sweet outfits! This is what we bought!

This was a birhtday present to me from Gramms and Grumps (my parents)!

This was to Hank from Gramms and Grumps!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Fabulous Fourth!!

We had a great time hosting a party at our house this Fourth of July with some of our closest friends! Derric cooked ribs and we had lots of yummy appetizers, side dishes, and desserts! We had 7 layered dip and fresh corn salsa for appetizers, baked beans, apple and walnut salad, Nebraska Potatoes! For Dessert we had White Chocolate Cake with cream cheese cool whip icing topped with berries made to look like the American Flag (I just can't help myself)!

I copied this off a recipe in Southern Living, cute and easy!

This was from Mel Tells... I was a winner of a blog giveaway! Thanks Melanie Smith!

This is my cute little table, grabbed a piece of fabric at walmart and threw on as a table cloth for 3.00!

Derric voted for Star Spangled Punch but I loved Stars and Stripes, plus I had already written it!

I made this cute little patriotic banner super easy!! Love the glitter stars!

Alyssa and Meghan helped me ice the sugar cookies! Yummy!

Meghan Hayter's salad check out her blog to get the yummy recipe!

Pico and Levi were also feeling the patriotic vibe sporting there matching bandanas!

We had lots of sweet friends join us! Here are a few pics of all who joined us to celebrate!

Your truly... Samantha and Derric Harughty and Baby!

The Soon To Be... Alyssa and James Payne

The lovely Mrs. Meghan and Mr. Logan Hayter and Remmy too!

The precious neighbors down the road... Beth, Robert and soon to be... Mr. Jordan Panter!!