Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Happy Birthday To Me... & Suprise It's A Boy!

We had such an eventful day! We started out at the hospital at 7:30 to find out what the baby was going to be! I was given a few directions before coming.... have a full bladder when you arrive, come 30 minutes early and don't be upset if the baby doesn't cooperate! Well.. when we get there I start chugging the water and find out that we didn't have the doctors order? What...I am totally upset the doctor never gave us a form or duh? I would have brought it. I even asked several times if everything was set up and good to go for my birthday appointment both times I went to my doctors appointments. You see I waited an extra week to find out on my birthday so I planned this thing way in advance to make sure I could get in on my birthday and I took the first appointment of the day so I didn't have to bear the anticiaption! So they finally call the backline to the nurses station and have someone fax the order... Whoo! that was a close one. Then they call me and Derric back to get dressed and ready for the ultrsound ... we are ready so the lady starts looking at all the babies organs and says to me your bladder isn't full enough? I am thinking...What are you kidding me?!? I am about to burst woman! How can I drink anymore water don't you know this baby is jumping up and down on my uteris! So since I was already on strike 1 with my doctors orders not being brought I thought, oh crap I better do something fast! I asked Derric to refill my water bottle with the disgusting tap water out of the faucet in the room and I chugged another bottle in 30 seconds. I thought maybe she will keep looking so she agreed it would be okay if I did that and she would take pictures of all the baby's organs in the meanwhile since it takes a few minutes to fitrate down the body! So she finally is done taking pictures of the kidney, heart, and brain, etc.. So it's the moment we have been waiting for and she starts to shake her head and say "Hmmm, Hmmmmmmmm"? I am thinking inside what lady is it a boy or a girl common on, first of all I have to pea like Niagra Falls here she is rolling that dumb cursor over my belly and I am totally uncomfortable and all she can say is... Hmmmm? She continues to tell me that she cannot tell what the baby is because the baby won't sit still long enough? For those of you who know me I am sure you are thinking suprise, suprise, the baby won't sit still, hahaa! Well, I didn't eat much because I thought if I ate very much maybe they wouldn't get an accurate reading. Come on, I didnt' even wear pink because I didn't want to jinx myself (since intially I wanted to THINK PINK)... Derric totally sported the blue although I warned him of the superstition I had heard about! So, she tells me she is available on Friday! I begged "Ma'am this is my birthday and I could have found out last week but I didn't because I wanted to find out on this special day is there anything else I can do"? Holding my tears back with a knot in my throat she told me she was full all day but if I went and got breakfast I could come back and she could try to slip me in. So I did, my stomach was growling like a grizzly bear inside and I thought to myself, you dummy if your hungry the baby must be to, and baby's don't sit still if they are hungry they kick and cry so what did I do... I went to the Black Walnut Cafe (one of my favorites) and had a nice big breakfast because I always want a nap after a big breakfast, so maybe the baby will too! Guess what we came right back to th hospital and she had a cancelation, thank goodness. We went right back and the baby was asleep we got lots of pictures and found out... WE ARE HAVING A BEAUTIFUL BOUNCING BOY! Hank Von Harughty.... and the rest is history! The whole family is estatic!

After we left we went to Target and Babies R Us, and registered and picked up a few things, I got a lot form my mom and dad too for the baby! I think we are off to a great start!!! What a wonderful birthday blessing! I am tickled BLUE now!

Derric and I had so much fun picking out sweet outfits! This is what we bought!

This was a birhtday present to me from Gramms and Grumps (my parents)!

This was to Hank from Gramms and Grumps!


Roberts said...

YEA! Congrats again. I love the name Hank Von Harughty. He'll be a cool little boy!

McGrew Crew said...

Congratulations!! Little boys are so much fun! Can't wait to meet him!