Monday, July 20, 2009

Countdown to Hank!


So I have become pretty emotional lately about the littlest things, I think my hormones are very much in over drive. It's so funny, I hardly ever cry or have lots of emotion about much. But lately I have felt so in tune with my emotions, weird huh? I cry at every tv show that has to do with children, my newest obsession is 16 and Pregnant the MTV realtiy show I know, it's a joke I am really crying about reality tv, I am such a wimp! But I have felt so thankful through these feelings. I have an amazing family, fabulous husband who is such a rock to this family. he works so hard every day to provide for us and he is such a spiritual rock as well. I know that we are so lucky to have one another and the support of everyone we surround ourselves with. I am so thankful for our new baby and for everything to be going so smoothly. We are truly blessed and are so happy! I can't wait to give Hank all the love we have in our hearts for him and to be able to snuggle so tight.

I have added a mini version of the countdown to my sidebar so that we can keep up with it!

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