Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Hanks Nursery Phase I

The before picture...

So since we bought our furniture in June to save a few hundred dollars on a sale ending at the end of the month, we had a small window of time to get the nursery going. I was so unsure what to do for the nursery if we had a boy? I don't love pastel looking bedding but I still wanted it to look like a nursery... I found a panel of drapes form Pottery Barn Kids that I really like and kind of just went off of that, it also had a chair to match and storage bens so I bought all three! Here are those pics....

So after looking in the catalog quite a but, I found a new trend on painting... it's in to not be matchy matchy with paint... So I decided to use the soft tones on the walls to make the colors really pop! I called the catalog and asked them which Benjamin Moore paint they used in this picture. So, I ran to get the paint and I pulled out the picture and taped it to the door so we could copy it!

So we jumped right on it.... Derric's mom came over one day and helped me tape off the room and she started on the trim until Derric got home to help with the heavy painting. I helped tape off the room and was the Walmart errand runner! Since I couldn't help with any painting! This was over 3 different days... We started with painting it all one color!

We then taped off all the stipes!

We then had to seal the paint with a credit card so the paint wouldn't run!

Next we painted over the tape so it woudl seal the original paint colro so if it did run... it would run in the original color first!

Then we painted the other color and Ta Da!!

We get the furniture delivered on Thursday and this weekend the closets will be finished, we had double doors put on instead so we couls utilized the space of the closet more efficently! More pictures to come!!!


apulling said...

Hey girl! I didn't know you had a blog, I saw the link on facebook. I added you to my blog roll. Congrats on baby Hank. I love his new room!

Roberts said...

I'm so tired just looking at that. BUT very impressed too - it looks fabulous!