Friday, July 17, 2009

Phase II... Furniture!!

So Derric went and got the furniture yesterday and I went and picked up the dogs from there little manhood surgery...

Here is the work in progress and then the finished product. We will have bedding and accessories soon, everything has been ordered and some should ship by Monday!

The box opening begins....

Daddy has so mnay pieces....

Finally a man who will read some directions... (well after the fact)!

I just found out I love this stuff I am wrapped in it is very cozy, I told Derric if we were ever poor and had to live under a bridge I would sew this together for us for blankets! haha weird huh? I know it! My job was to take all the trash to the garage and empty boxes, man I was good at my job!

Gramms and Derric partnered up to screw everything in and figure out what went where, the directions were so vague. Derric said that's why men aren't suppossed to use them.

Hammer time, or is that a screw?

And finally.... the finished pieces!!!

A special thanks to my darling husband for putting this together so quickly and for my mom for helping out and for bringing her famous Chicken Spaghetti for us to enjoy while we were working! Oh and for Ms. Connie's homemade Chocolate Cake yummy! Muah to you all!

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Rachey said...

Love the furniture!