Wednesday, July 20, 2011

18 Things to Love about Hank

Even though he is 19 months old now, I wanted to do this post. I made this collage for Derric for Father's Day it turned out pretty cute! When I went to Hank's 18 month appointment they didn't give me his stats, so I called and asked them to mail them to me.  I have kept everyone of them since he was born in his baby book.  He is at the most fun stage right now.  He is singing, and talking 2 and 3 word sentences.  He is so smart.  So here goes 18 things I love about Hank!

1. I love how he will climb up with me on the couch and want to share the same pillow with me, our heads touching!
2. I love how he gives me kisses for no reason.
3. I love how he loves to dance to music and literally try to break dance on the ground.
4. I love how he is mastering all of his barnyard animal noises (except the horse he still says moo)!
5. I love how he smiles at me when I pick him up from MDO and runs to me with his arms wide open.
6. I love the way he claps at candles and says happy birthday!
7. I love the way he likes to sit in his big boy chair and watch all his Disney favorites.
8. I love the way he turns everything into a car, spoon, food, cup, paper.... whatever!
9. I love the way he looks up at me when I am reading him a story, basically saying I love you with his expression.
10. I love the way he is crazy about his cousin "HAYYYYYES".
11. I love the way he sleeps at night.... in his big boy bed!
12. I love the way he pulls my hand when he wants me to get something for him.
13. I love the way he says hi, morning, and bye, to strangers at walmart turning our 5 minute trip into thirty, by stopping every blue haired lady in the store to pinch his cheeks.
14. I love the way he loves his daddy, and wants to be like him already!
15. I love the way he knows everyone in the family by name (even if my mom cheats and has him call her Donna). Gramms is way too hard to say.
16. I love the sweet relationship he has with all the men in our family.
17. I love the way he gets so excited and waves his hands in the air 100 miles a minute.
18. I love the way he says "I love you mama".

18 month Stats:
Weight: 21 lbs. 14 oz. (17%)
Height: 31in. (7%)
Head Circumference: 48 (66%)

This boy has got a big ole' brain in that head!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Not Quite 30!

My 29th birthday was on July 6th, so we kept it pretty small this year and went to my favorite resturant in town Wild Ginger Japanese Steak House. With the big 3-0 in my future I figured it might be best to keep this years birthday short and sweet.  It was a wonderful time, although I had to try 3 times to catch the rice in my mouth and I always catch the rice.  Made me sad..... at least I finally caught one.  Hank has a love hate relationship with the Habachi Grill.  He hates the big flame, but he loves it when the chef plays the drums with the spatulas.  It was really sweet, and the cupcakes were very yummy. 

Thank goodness there were only 2 candles!
Pink Cupcake Smooch!
Hank and Uncle "Maa" (Matt)
This was the third time when I actually caught it!
My sweet family
The Harughty Boys: Hank, Derric, Lee, Hayes, and Matt Jack
My sister Stevi, Neice Reid, brother in law Richard, and Me
My dad, Me, Mom, Hank and Derric

We were leaving for church camp on Friday so we had a lot to get ready for over the next couple of days.  Derric was going to be a counselor to the 3rd grade boys, and I was just there to float around and help with the prep for each event and behavior issues.  We were so excited to be asked to go, it had been years since Derric and I went to church camp, it was alot of fun.  Hank went and stayed with his Noni for a couple of nights then went to my parents for one night.  They all had  a blast and Hank got to go to the circus!

Hank got a really neat motorcycle toy, that was his favorite part... shocker a motor that goes vrrrrroom!
He also got cotton candy which he didn't care for and it came in this top hat, too cute!

Friday, July 1, 2011

There was one in the bed, and the little one said......

Last night we decided to change Hank's bed from a crib to a toddler bed.  This went better than expected.  He has a very low bed so he never attempted to crawl out, because I think it is near impossible but I thought it would be good to transition now.
So he helped daddy take it all apart, bring him plush saws and bolts on his own mind you, without any queing.... then we made a big deal about the bed!  We tucked him in and he got up and ran to the door for about a minute, then crawled right back up into his big boy bed without a peep and fell asleep within 15 minutes.  Derric and I were glued to the baby monitor talking about his every move, It was really sweet.  So proud of our BIG BOY!
Night #1
 Morning after the first night in big boy bed!

Night #2

So I night two we kind of cheated.... Well, Hank fell asleep on our way home so he was pretty sleepy when we put him in the bed.  He literally didn't budge.  Found him laying just like this under the covers this morning.  When he wakes up he grabs his "night-night" (blanket) and comes to our room to get "juice" (milk),  haha!  He is talking so great even putting two words together.  Earlier this week he started telling the fish aqaurium in his bed "bye fish" when I would come pick him up out of his crib.  Too funny,  he also likes to tell Bee-bye (Levi our dog) when we leave "Bye Bee-Bye".  He is hilarious.

A new thing he is starting to do is say is "no" with a shake of the head, not in an ugly tone just very honest like -no thanks, when you are asking him if he wants something or to go somewhere.  Too cute, even if it isn't the nicest thing to say..... he get's his bluntness pretty honestly over here! This is a wonderful age, I love him to pieces!