Wednesday, July 20, 2011

18 Things to Love about Hank

Even though he is 19 months old now, I wanted to do this post. I made this collage for Derric for Father's Day it turned out pretty cute! When I went to Hank's 18 month appointment they didn't give me his stats, so I called and asked them to mail them to me.  I have kept everyone of them since he was born in his baby book.  He is at the most fun stage right now.  He is singing, and talking 2 and 3 word sentences.  He is so smart.  So here goes 18 things I love about Hank!

1. I love how he will climb up with me on the couch and want to share the same pillow with me, our heads touching!
2. I love how he gives me kisses for no reason.
3. I love how he loves to dance to music and literally try to break dance on the ground.
4. I love how he is mastering all of his barnyard animal noises (except the horse he still says moo)!
5. I love how he smiles at me when I pick him up from MDO and runs to me with his arms wide open.
6. I love the way he claps at candles and says happy birthday!
7. I love the way he likes to sit in his big boy chair and watch all his Disney favorites.
8. I love the way he turns everything into a car, spoon, food, cup, paper.... whatever!
9. I love the way he looks up at me when I am reading him a story, basically saying I love you with his expression.
10. I love the way he is crazy about his cousin "HAYYYYYES".
11. I love the way he sleeps at night.... in his big boy bed!
12. I love the way he pulls my hand when he wants me to get something for him.
13. I love the way he says hi, morning, and bye, to strangers at walmart turning our 5 minute trip into thirty, by stopping every blue haired lady in the store to pinch his cheeks.
14. I love the way he loves his daddy, and wants to be like him already!
15. I love the way he knows everyone in the family by name (even if my mom cheats and has him call her Donna). Gramms is way too hard to say.
16. I love the sweet relationship he has with all the men in our family.
17. I love the way he gets so excited and waves his hands in the air 100 miles a minute.
18. I love the way he says "I love you mama".

18 month Stats:
Weight: 21 lbs. 14 oz. (17%)
Height: 31in. (7%)
Head Circumference: 48 (66%)

This boy has got a big ole' brain in that head!


The Townsend's said...

Awe, he is such a cutie!!

Anonymous said...

I love the way his mama loves him! A mother's love for her children is such a blessing! xoxoxox Noni

Cortney Russell said...

So Sweet!!