Sunday, July 17, 2011

Not Quite 30!

My 29th birthday was on July 6th, so we kept it pretty small this year and went to my favorite resturant in town Wild Ginger Japanese Steak House. With the big 3-0 in my future I figured it might be best to keep this years birthday short and sweet.  It was a wonderful time, although I had to try 3 times to catch the rice in my mouth and I always catch the rice.  Made me sad..... at least I finally caught one.  Hank has a love hate relationship with the Habachi Grill.  He hates the big flame, but he loves it when the chef plays the drums with the spatulas.  It was really sweet, and the cupcakes were very yummy. 

Thank goodness there were only 2 candles!
Pink Cupcake Smooch!
Hank and Uncle "Maa" (Matt)
This was the third time when I actually caught it!
My sweet family
The Harughty Boys: Hank, Derric, Lee, Hayes, and Matt Jack
My sister Stevi, Neice Reid, brother in law Richard, and Me
My dad, Me, Mom, Hank and Derric

We were leaving for church camp on Friday so we had a lot to get ready for over the next couple of days.  Derric was going to be a counselor to the 3rd grade boys, and I was just there to float around and help with the prep for each event and behavior issues.  We were so excited to be asked to go, it had been years since Derric and I went to church camp, it was alot of fun.  Hank went and stayed with his Noni for a couple of nights then went to my parents for one night.  They all had  a blast and Hank got to go to the circus!

Hank got a really neat motorcycle toy, that was his favorite part... shocker a motor that goes vrrrrroom!
He also got cotton candy which he didn't care for and it came in this top hat, too cute!

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