Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Playground for Cora Benefit

This is a story about a precious little girl named Cora, who went to be with the Lord after only a few short months her family has used this as a terstimony and has been on national tv to talk about it.

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Chubby cheeks, a big smile and a life cut much too short. "About ten and a half months and she passed away just after her 11 month birthday," explains Joel McClenahan, Cora's father.

Cora was Joel and Jess' first child. Doctors diagnosed her with cancer around the end of January and within two weeks, Cora passed away. But not without attracting the attention of people all over the world through a blog her parents started when she was born.

"We just shared prayer requests and praises that had happened during the day so that people could pray with us," said Jess.

After cora passed away, her family wanted to do something that could preserve the memory of the smiling baby. They decided to build a playground at their church in her honor.

"We just felt like there was nothing more important than little kids hearing about Jesus so that would be a little way that we could contribute to that."

"It will fittingly be called Cora's playground and will be built on top of what the church already has. Only it will add a few extra doors, some new playground equipment and a plaque explaining to people who it's in honor of.

The playground will cost around $45,000. About $31,000 has already been raised, half of that by the thousands of blog followers the McClenahans have never met.

"It's defnitely been very encouraging to see the love and services that have been poured out in honor of Cora," explains Joel.

Perfect strangers have made crafts and sold them online, donating the money raised to Cora's playground. Love and faith pouring in from all corners of the globe, making sure Cora's love and faith lives on.

"We feel like its going to be a remembering stone for our family to show them what God did in our lives and how he used Cora."

Read the McClenahan's Blog (on my blogslist The Mac's)

There are several ways to donate to Cora's Playground. You can give through the church's website or mail checks, marked Cora's Playground, to 1600 S. Anderson St., Newton, KS 67114.

Crafts are also being sold at Etsy. Just search "Cora's Playground."

Here are a few things I have bought on etsy to help out!

A percentage of these items purcahsed went into a fund to raise money for Cora's Playground in memory of her.

These things were bought from:

Cora's Grandmother and Mother started to make their own clothes and sell them to donate to the palyaground, their products sell out over night everytime they post new stuff. Check it out it is sooo sweet.

their etsy shop is:

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