Monday, June 22, 2009

Happy Father's Day

Derric and I celebrated his Soon to Be Father's Day by going on a date and opening his gifts on Friday night! We went to the new Star Cinema in Conroe (by Hobby Lobby) and had dinner in a movie at the theater. We saw Pulham 123, which was an awesome movie with Denzel Washington and John Trivolta, must see! We had Burgers and Fried Cheesecake Bites and Brownie Bites (just like the State Fair) delicious!! We then went home and opened up a few gifts from the Mommy to Be and Baby Harughty! Daddy got some pretty cool things! First a camo diaper bag (no it is not a MURSE it is a diaper bag) it even has Harughty on it. I figure boy or girl I might not have a bag he wants to carry so when I am not around he should have his own manly one! Inside the diaper bag was a teddy bear from Build-A-Bear with a recording of the Baby's Heartbeat! We will treasure this forever and can go in the babys room later! The last and final gift was a camcorder! I was really nervous about picking this out with out him, but it was on our list of things to get before the baby comes (for blogging of course, hahaha) so I thought what the heck! Derric's favorite color is Red so I got him a red one that he can capture all of our sweet little family moments. We are so blessed!

Opening his sweet card!

The new camo Daddy Diaper Bag!

The Bear with the Heartbeat recorded!

Cool new Daddy Cam!

We celebrated with his Dad last week before Matt Jack left by cooking out and playing some family games! Here are a couple of Pictures from that event:

Left to Right: Me, Derric, Lee and Jennifer (at the top) Matt and Christina (at the bottom).

Derric's Dad Ricci and his Step Mom BJ

Sunday afternoon Derric and I spent the day with my Dad, Mom, sister Stevi, and her Mom and Step Dad poolside with some Hamburgers and Sun!

My Mom and Dad relaxing in the Pool.

My Mom and Dad and Kathy (Stevi's Mom)

Derric in his homemade float he would like to patent!

It was a wonderful family week!

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