Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Mother's Day

For our very first celebration of Mother's Day we did lots of fun things....

We ate a big breafast, my favorite thing to do on a lazy Saturday. We celebrated on Saturday because we had Hank's Dedication and Reid's confirmation on Sunday.... little did we know Hayes would make an appearance Sunday evening... well actually Monday am, 8 minutes after mother's day, little stinker! So for Mother's Day, Derric brought home all different colors of paint and a vase. He thought since I like to make things so much we would do a Mother's Day Craft together, it was so sweet and thoughtful. We painted Hank's Feet (tried the hands and it wasn't working) and made his footprints on the vase. We did red, green, blue, and orange so there were lots of feet washings in between. Derric bought a special glaze that we added in the paint and then we baked it in the oven to have it set and not wash off.

That was one of the best presents I had ever received. He later filled it with my favorite flowers Gerber Daisies. He is an amazing husband and dad. Hank enjoyed this too, he enjoyed making a mess then of course getting to play in the water each time we did a new color.

We also made picture frames for Hank's Bluebonnet picture for the grandparents using his fingerprints, I then wrote Mother's Day 2010 at the bottom. It was so cute, it was hard to get all the paint off, our friends thought we painted his nails because they saw the paint, haha!

The paint we chose
The fingerprints

bath time...

Lots of paint to scrub off.

We later went to the park for a picnic. We made sandwiches which are divine, and I might have had a little wine in a plastic wine glass. We ate and then of course played on the playground with Hank. Montgomery Park

Mommy's Sippy Cup

We are a great pair!

He loves to swing!

All Smiles!
Slide with Daddy


Hank swings alone

I think he likes it!

So big!

Here are pics from Hank's Dedication

For this child I prayed.
1 Samuel 1:27-28

All the Stonebridge Babies!

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I am loving those craft ideas!