Tuesday, October 19, 2010

10 months

Happy Boy in the morning! He loves to push the chairs around
the kitchen for us....
This is Hank's favorite toy!

He can even play on his knees.

Hank is growing so quickly. He loves to play with this toy pictured, read books, and he absolutely loves CARS or anything he can pretend is a car (like our cell phones, or remotes).
He is also eating so many new foods. He currently LOVES bananas, avacados, and any kind of meat. He is not so sure about noodles, I think the texture kind of throws him off. He starts to spit it out at first then I give it to him again and again and he likes it. He is so funny. He likes to say: Mama, Dada, Whoa, WOW, Uh-Oh, and Go! I am also pretty sure he said Nigh nigh last night at Derric's game when I put him in his stroller. It was so stinkin cute. He is such a blessing to our lives and such a joy to have him to love on everyday.

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The McGrew Crew said...

He's just precious Sam & Derric! You're entering into one of the funnest ages!! They're so interested in everything and it's neat to watch them explore!!