Monday, December 15, 2008

The Honeymoon

We had a blast on our honeymoon in Punta Cana, of the Dominican Republic. We left on Monday and stayed 7 days and nights, it was amazing. We had wonderful service and got to do so many neat things. Derric went golfing and I took pictures of him, and read my magazines.... We went swimming with Sharks and Stingrays. We went on a safari and into the home of a native Dominican. We got to see their way of life which is very different from ours, makes you feel pretty grateful. We got to visit a school and the kids didn't all have shoes, and they came right to us and asked for money and food,they were so thankful for anything you could give them. I was sitting on the bus and had a line of kids lining up to get some goldfish I had packed for the tour. We got to go on a deep sea fishing trip, Derric caught a Berracuta, and Christian caught a white Marlin. We met Sarah and Christian at the hotel the first day and hung out with them all week, they got married in Ohio the same day we did (they were very sweet). We went to dinner with them and played on the beach and at the pool alot! I will post a sildeshow soon of all the pictures.

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