Monday, December 15, 2008

Tis the Season to Give

Every year we do something different in the means of giving. This year we did two different things.
First through our church we gave to a Soup Kitchen in Latvia, read more....

For years SB has partnered with Pastor Petr and Emma Samoylich to help children, teachers and families in Latvia experience a real and growing relationship with Jesus Christ. Pastor Petr and his church in Riga, Latvia — run a soup kitchen used to feed people physically, as well as spiritually. StoneBridge has the chance to help equip this soup kitchen to meet city code requirements.
-Get a large can on Sunday at SB.
-Collect coins and cash in this can and return it to StoneBridge by December 28th.
-Pray for this soup kitchen ministry, Pastor Petr and his church.
Your generosity will help provide many of the needs listed below.
To meet city code requirements, this kitchen must purchase the following...
Commercial Refrigerator - $ 2,198
Commercial Freezer - $2,565
Commercial Stove w/ Oven - $3,605
Pots- large $130, medium $85
Pans- $75
Cutting boards- $35 (need at least 12)
Steel Table w/ a double sink- $1130 (need one such table)
Steel Table w/ a single sink- $763 (need 3 such tables)
Steel Prep Table - $260
Cupboards- $435 for each (need 3)

We also teamed up with our neighbor to give to the CPS department in Montgomery County who had over 600 families in need. At the top is a picture of Derric without a basket checking out with the toys that they asked for. We had two children a 6 year old girl, and a 12 year old boy this is what they wanted this year for Christmas.

6 year old girl:
A FisherPrice Imagine and Play Desk
A Memory Game
A Babydoll

12 year old boy:
Peyton Manning Nerf Pass Football
Star Wars Pinball
Tic Tac Toe

These might be the only three gifts these children receive all year. It breaks my heart not to know there situation. Please pray for these two children Cameron, and Cameryn.

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