Saturday, January 3, 2009

Our Poor Puppy

Our one year old boxer puppy Pico got hit by a truck last Tuesday! Derric takes him to work everyday with him so he can run the four acres his dad’s company is on (keeps him from eating our house). Well, everyday they leave Pico at lunch in the “yard” he knows not to venture out and they never have problems with him doing that. Well, being a Boxer and all he loves to chase lots of things and snap at them like the vaccum and dust buster for example and he also has this obsession with big black tires on trucks. Well, when they were gone obviously a tire must have won the fight. When Derric arrived back to work he found Pico laying in the yard which is not like his usual greeting waiting by Derric’s door for him to get out. Derric rushed over to him and saw the blood and that he was unable to walk and he took him in his truck to the vet. Well, they told Derric to come get him when they closed to transfer him to the ER while they were closed and that they would keep him on IV’s til then, We met with Dr. Umlang at the ER and after some xrays told us he thought Pico had something wrong with his neck and spine and we needed to take him to a Neurologist at Texas A&M, they have better equipment and specialist in the Spine where Pico was damaged. So, by this time we leave and arrive at Texas A&M around 12:30 where they are waiting for him. They take him back for testing and come back at 1:45 and tell us they think he has a lot of pain in his back and that is what they thought was the major problem, they told us we would meet with the specialist in the morning and they would call us around 4am to let us know. Well, we slept at a nearby hotel and didn’t hear the call, woke up at 7 and called back. They said Pico made a little progress but they needed to do more test. We met at 10:00 when Dr. Lidbury the specialist and he was more concerned with Pico’s neck and brain than anything and told us that they needed to do a ct scan to see if Pico could need surgery. He sent us home and said he would “phone” us in the morning. He did and he said that Pico had a fractured skull and one of his accessory bones had chipped off and they thought the reason he wasn’t using his back legs was from the brain swelling, there was a little bleeding from the accident also. He is doing much better after a few days in ICU he started eating and going to the bathroom on his own. He came home today and we are to watch him very carefully. He tends favor his left side when walking and turning his head. We are carefully watching him to make sure he does not have any seizures.
YEA Pico will be 1 on Wednesday.

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