Thursday, January 22, 2009

Pico's Recovery

We have been so blessed to watch Pico's Progress since the accident. He ended up staying at Texas A&M in the ICU for 5 nights and 6 days. At first he was unable to walk very well, he didn't have any interest in toys or rawhides, he needed help going to the bathroom, and wasn't able to walk very straight. Well, after 2 shorts weeks he has completely turned around. He is very active again, loves rawhides and toys, and is back to about 90%. We are so excited for his recovery and we give praise to God for this miracle.

Pico was doing so great, after his follow up at Texas A&M Tuesday we took him to Research Park. We kept him on the leash for about 40 minutes and on the way to the car we took it off of him so he could jump right in the car, well... he saw a man on a bike, which Derric and I didn't see while unleashing him. He ran straight for him full force and actualy ran into the mans bike he fell off we were terrified! The man was fine, he just knocked off the bike chain, but we were so concerned for the man and very upset with Pico for making this man fall. I guess the moral of the story is..... once a dog likes tires, he will always like tires!

We also celebrated Pico's 1st Birthday on January 7th, he was a little drugged in the picture from all the pain medication!

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