Wednesday, September 9, 2009

28 weeks down 12 to go!

So this was a very special week for us because we got to do some testing we had been waiting on. At 19 weeks we were told that the baby had a cyst on it's brain but not to worry too much because it should go away on it's own. Initially I got a huge lump in my throat as the doctor explained but felt better as we left when she told us that we would be her first patient ever to deliver a baby that hadn't had these cyst dissolve on it's own, she was very encouraging and told us that she didn't think it would be a problem. She also told me not to google well of course I couldn't help myself. If indeed the baby would have the cyst still at delivery the baby would be born with Trisomy 18 which is fatal. So, believe it or not the worry wart that I am, I didn't let it bother me too much. Well, we had our appointment Tuesday morning and Praise God the cyst had dissolved just as the doctor suggested it would. God is Good!

We got to see about 45 mins of ultrasound, Hank was so cute holding his feet with his hands, then letting them go and grabbing them again. It was so sweet to watch his every move. His face is chubby now and the nose I swore look liked Derric's has my nose shape to it. He is already head down which is a great sign! I was very glad to hear that, and the radiologist said he has really long feet. I said that they better not be too long because we have lots of little clothes he has to fit into before he can be too long! Derric was pumped that they might have a little height from one or both of his brothers, both over 6 feet. He said maybe we will have a tall athlete. Typical man is thinking about his future athletic skills and the woman is wanting his clothes to fit. haha! We go back to the doctor on Monday for the last monthly appointment. At 30 weeks we will be going every 2 weeks until 36 weeks then weekly appointments!

I will post some new photos from ultrasound in the morning!


Emily said...

Praise God! Isn't it amazing all the ways God designed pregnancy? I don't know how any woman can go through pregnancy and still not believe in Intelligent Design.

At the Beach with Dave and Alicia said...

Sam, I know that was a scare for you... I am so glad God is so good and that you got a good report! Can't wait to see little Hank... I actually picked him up a little something today!

Courtney said...

I'm so glad to hear the good news and can't wait to see some ultrasound pics!