Monday, January 24, 2011

12 great things about 12 months

We are so blessed beyond measure of all the great things we have to report about Hank, I could list a million but I guess the whole idea of doing just 12 is much bettter for my catchy blog title :)

12 Great Things about 12 Months

1. Hank loves being mobile, he literally tries to RUN, he has so much exploring to do!

2. Hank is using gestures, he not only can tell us that he wants more food by using sign language, but he can also point to other things he might want to touch. Like his new fascination with closing the garage door with the button on the wall.

3. Hank loves to make cool noises like clicking noises with his tongue and making car noises.

4. Healthy Heart

5. His love for DISNEY Cars, and Toy Story

6. How he loves my Dad so much.

7. Hank has such an appetite and the BEST metabolism of anyone I have ever met, he will literally eat you out of your home.

8. Hank loves music and to clap and dance especially to the Hot Dog Dance.

5. Hank loves to read.

6. Hank loves puzzles.
7. Love to this in his big boy chair and watch TV (thanks pb kids)
8. Hank loves building blocks
9. Loves to talk, he can say Momma, Daddy, Hot, Ball, Go, Nightening (aka Lightening McQueen), dog, cup, and repeats just about everything you say.

10. Hank loves the water I can't wait to get him back in the pool soon :)

11. Hank loves to play with his Daddy

12, Hank loves to snuggle with his Mommy.

I am so proud to be his Momma, it is such a special priviledge to ME. What a sweet precious 1 year old we now have, can't imagine life any different.

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At the Beach with Dave and Alicia said...

he is precious and has so many similarities to Chaz... wish they could play together, I bet they would be the best of buds!