Sunday, February 20, 2011

3 Lollipops and a Pair of Scissors

We took Hank for his first haircut, so he could get all snazzy for his role in Gabi's wedding the ringbearer (too cute right).   My Dad has been getting his hair cut at Buck and Caroll's Barber shop for over 40 years, it just so happens to be such a small world because Mr. Caroll is actually a good friend of mines father, and we just recently made the connection.  Too funny!  Mr. Caroll did wonderful with Hank, he went through 3 lollipops because he kept dropping them.  Mr. Caroll was so patient with Hank and he showed his everything he was using before he did it, and made the experience less scary for Hank.  We had quite the fan club, it was great.

 Gramms, Grumps, and Hank
 Happy Boy!
 Playing with Carroll's keys.
 Mr. Caroll squirting Grumps!
 Lollipop #1
 Lollipop #2
 Mr. Caroll, Derric, Grumps, and Hank
Noni, Gramms, Mommy, and Hank with Lollipop #3

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