Thursday, April 7, 2011

Brown Bear, Brown Bear

Hank has decided that he has a favorite book. It is Brown Bear, Brown Bear, for my baby shower everyone brought their favorite childhood book and this is sooooo neat! Every night when we read Hank a story we always see who's favorite was what. It is a special time normally for Hank and Derric, since I see him more during the day, Derric likes to read him stories and put him down. Well, this week for some reason I did because Derric was doing something else, and I had NO idea how much he liked this book. He sat in my lap on the floor flipped every page himself and when it was over handed it back to me to read again, and again, and again. We literally read it 5 times, good thing it is a short book, haha! He loves the last page where it shows on the that Brown Bear sees. So here are a few pictures of Hank right before bed time in BROWN BEAR pj's we just happened to have so I thought it would be cute to post!

Ok, this is not allowed, but you have to admit it is kind of cute, after I took the picture I said "No, No"!

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