Saturday, April 9, 2011

Junkin' Love

Meghan and I have been BIG junk fans for a few years now, she is definetly my sidekick at Roundtop!  She follows the Junk Gypsy's just like I do, and we keep each other up to speed on all the things we see different that we like, especially if we feel like we can make it!
Here are some pictures of our favorite things at Roundtop!

 We didn't eat one, but they looked SOOOOOO good.

 This was one of my favorite things, that I would love to make!
Seemed so easy, they sell these legs all over the place there...
 I found these antique blocks and made a word.
 Another project Meghan and I thought we could pull off from Michaels.

 Love this
 I went to Roundtop on a mission to have something like this made, I found a lady who painted and told her what I wanted the chair to say, she happened to even have a little chair and she did all of this for 45 dollars! What a steal, she was wonderful to work with, This is going to be perfect as our Harughty timout chair.
Love the final product.....

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Emily said...

I love that timeout chair!!