Thursday, September 15, 2011

First Day of MDO FAll 2011

Hank's first day of Mother's Day Out was so exciting.  He was so happy to run and play with his friends again after a long summer of just him and Ms. Joann.   He loves his Abby, and Logan,those are  his little buddies along with all the other kids that come and play on Mondays!  I tried to take a few pictures of Hank before he went to school that day.  We also took a sweet treat to his two teachers and they loved them! 

On the first day of school Hank made a precious apple out of red tissue paper and a cute green worm.  The following week they were studying Jesus as a kid and they had "carpentry class" where he was able to sand, and smooth a little wooden puppy dog then paint it.  It was really cute.  I need to post pictures of his crafts soon.  Sorry I haven't posted in so long, my laptop had a cracked LCD screen but now we are back in business.

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