Thursday, September 29, 2011

Story Time!!!!

We I am obsessed with going to the Wednesday Story time at our local library.  Hank crawled up into the librarians lap the very first day, and the second, but the third day I bribed him with Smarties!  I mean he is currently an only child and we don't typically read to him across the room, he is normally in our laps so I guess he thought he needed to assume the position yep, right there in the lap of a total stranger, I can't imagine where he got his confidence from??   It is so cute to listen to the stories, sing the songs, and sit on carpet squares.  My personal favorite time is when they do the felt board, the pictures are so vivid, and I heart the craft at the end.  The first day it was a pirate and one of the legs was made out of a popsicle stick, too cute for words. 

We started checking out books the second time we went and he loved reading over the week we had them.  I made a little library books bucket so we don't mix them up with our books from home, and he can tote them to and fro with ease, and it's pretty cute I may add..... 

Here are a few pictures from our different outings....
 The Librarians start off with 2 stories,
 Then some silly songs, and a felt board story, ending with one last time.

The last activity is coloring!  This cute little pirate has a wooden popsicle stick, PRESH!!

 Hank loves to play puzzles...
 and look out the window at the pond, he likes to look for "tish" (fish). 
Hank started putting his arm around Taylor today at story time, where do kids come up with this stuff, it is too funny! They grow so quickly it is amazing.  Here are a few pictures from our Story Time outings.  Now the newest thing is going to McDonalds play area after the library to eat and play with our friends.  Hank climbed today to the top of the slide from the wrong direction and wouldn't come down because he was having way too much fun, so yes.... I had to climb all the way up through all the twisiting tunnels to find him, he thought that was hilarious!  I bet everyone else watching also thought that, thanks Hank!

I love to type like mommy.
 Hank and Taylor!
Color Time!
 Can't believe he did this.... hahaha!

So much FUN!

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I enjoy reading your blog Sam! Thanks for keeping your friends and family updated :)