Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Okay so this is a little late.... but a few weeks back Derric and I helped out with Discipleship Now Weekend at church. We had a wonderful time with the youth kids. We met lots of new faces and got to know some that we knew even better than before! It was a super weekend the theme was TRANSFORMED. It was so neat to see all the needs of these youth, they need are prayers in a big way. The things that they have to go through and the temptations they have are faced with are completly differnet since I went to school. We had a wonderful time meeting as a group and then playing super fun games with all the other teams!

Derric was the leader for 9th grade boys and I was the leader for the 10th grade girls. But we were both on the yellow team which was awesome becuase we got to play all the games together!

The girls got really decked out for the game day, I had no idea it was such a big deal or I would have brought a ton of stuff. I was relayed my info about buying a yellow shirt from a boy go figure. So all I bring is a lightweight zip up hoodie these girls have spent days making t shirts and the whole nine yards, they have face paint and car chalk, boas and smiley face bubbles, these girls were so serious!

Since I had sooo many girls, they put Suzanne and I together to lead the girls, she is a doll and a future bride of Josh Bramlett the Junior High Youth Pastor. They are getting married this fall, so sweet!

As soon as we got to the fields the girls bust out in a circle and start to stretch, I am just trying to keep up thinking "what the crap did I get myself signed up for", I mean this must be super intense huh?

So I am felling pretty old here so being in yellow spirit and all I bust out with a yellow Vitamin Water with energy because at this point we are going to need it.

Derric on the other hand is in BEAST MODE, he is going crazy, jumping all around, all over the place. Yelling crazy stuff about the yellow team riding a bus to china town. I have no clue what element he was in but it was not quite the same as mine. Don't get me wrong I totally lead the bus of the yellow team chanting "We don't need no money honey all we need is is pride.. so get on the yellow bus and ride, ride ride." So Derric come up with ride the bus down town to china town? I was like what where did that come from? He was having a blast!

Example of what I am talking about, everyone is calm but Derric is jumping up and down with pudding mustache from the realy race he just played, and he doesn't even plan on taking it off! He is a mess.

Relay race action.... Heidi and Amy

Laura goes nuts on some pudding using her hands as a spoon!

This guy was really going fast!

Smashball was a lot of fun. It is a game in a pit where you can't let hte ball hit anywhere below your knee or you are out. You also would get out if the ball wsa hit outside of the pit. Derric had a blast with this game. I persoanlly like the Ulitmate Fandango game!

It was all so much fun we were totally blessed by the speaker and AfterEdmund the band. That is where we got connected with Compassion International. We are so excited about that. Overall super great weekend!

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