Saturday, March 21, 2009

One Fish Two Fish Three Fish Ten Fish

Thursday I had such a bad day at work so Derric and I decided to go do something fun together to take my mind off of things! Boy did we ever, we went fishing on the lake and we caught a ton of fish in a little over an hour. I caught 6 catfish 2 perch and let 1 more catfish eat my hook and break the line! Derric caught 5 catfish 4 catfish and a turtle. I always catch more because he has to take the fish off the hook and put them on the stringer by the time he does this I already have another fish on his pole! Haha! We had so much fun!!

So this is how the story went... the fishing are biting like crazy as soon as I put the chicken liver in the water on my hook I am getting bites so... since I don't do anything but bait my line and catch them......

Derric then has to take them off the line because I don't even know how... and do not want to get stung!! Ouch! In the mean while I have managed to grab his rod and reel and catch another one!

Then he has to put them on the stringer in the water because I am catching sooo many we might as well have a fish fry... right!?

I am just seriously reeling them in one after another, and by this time I am thinking it might not even be my pink rod and reel that is so lucky, maybe I am just that good (haha)!

By this point I am kissing the little perch and throwing them back by myself, big step to even touch them at this point!!

Derric caught a few here in there when he wasn't busy working.. he caught a turtle!!

We had sooo much fun, what a great way to get over a bad day!

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Meghan said...

Love the photo strip!