Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A Crafty Little Mama

So..... I have been very busy learning to make a ton of baby things, I have found online and wanted to make a little different. I have always wanted to learn how to sew but being the wild child I am, my mom said I would have to learn on my own. Until...... she heard the word grandchild! Now she is ready to teach, we have had a lot of fun every chance we get makign little dresses, burp cloths, diaper wipe covers, pacifier holders, and even a bow holder. This is seriously so much fun! Here are a few things we have been working on. I still have no idea the sex of my baby, but want to learn all of this just in case. I have tried to make a couple boy things but have already gifted them for showers before grabbing a good picture. Boys are defeinelty in the water right now!

The first thing we ever made was inspired by the cora dress that was in another post of mine. The story was about a little girl who died from cancer and her family made dresses to sell on Etsy to build a playground in her honor. I loved the Cora dress so we put our own spin on it by applying a precious little ruffled flower/brooch for a little touch of sass! That night we also made a little boys onesie with an appliqued PEACE sign on it in brown polks dots, and a diaper wipe case in chocolate damask (but I gifted them for a shower before getting a good picture).

On that same night I made this applique burp cloth as well and loved the fabric so much, last night I decided to make the pacifier holder to match. This would also be really cute with a monogrammed button in center.

This little dress was inspired by an blog tutorial by Joy's Hope (check out the blogs I follow on my page). It was a quick and easy little dress. The directions made it out of bandana but I found this precious paisley material at Walmart and couldn't help but get it! Soooo cute. I threw together a diaper wipe cover to match. I have so much fabric let I will have to make a messy flower bow or burp cloth to match!

I had so much fun making these little pacifier holders. Thanks to my friend Trista for having just the right little clips at work I took a few and added buttons, ribbon, velcro and a little sewing to make these cute pacifier holders come to life! I just love the gerber daisy one with the rhinestone. No one thinks I am might be thinking PINK do they?? No....

This little bow holder actually was suppossed to be a pacifier holder but the flower/brooch was a little too big so I thought what the heck all little girls need a bow holder. If I have a girl we are going to need at least five of these! Haha!

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cute cute! looks good girly!! :)