Friday, May 1, 2009

Drum Roll Please.......

Give it up for Penny Lane Designs for my precious new Blog makeover. She incorporated everything I wanted so cute, I just need to learn how to work it now!

Okay also, we went to the doctor and got our second ultrasound! It was sooo amazing to see the hand and feet and the baby was wiggling around so much. It was so neat! The heartbeat was racing so fast it was truly amazing to watch we coudl have stayed there for hours in aww!

We have a couple of names we have been working on.... Hudson Hank or Hayden Von Harughty for a boy (Von after Derric's middle name)! And Hudson Grace or Charli Jo Harughty for a girl. I personally love Hudson for both boy or girl. Me and my 2 other sisters all have boyish nicknames hence the gender nuetral name for a girl , it is very sassy I think. It is such hard work to pick out a name, I never thought it woudl be so serious of a deal!

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Roberts said...

Yes, names are very hard to come up with! I always thought somehow it would be easy...until you throw another person into the decision-making! ha! Guess I forgot before that my future husband would have an opinion. :) Y'all did a great job, settling into a name quickly! I look forward to hearing more about the pregnancy and the little one.