Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Little Playmates

We had a little visitor come to stay with us for a week while trying to hide him from his soon to be owner. Meghan Hayter and I planned a little suprise for Logan her husband by have me and Derric pick him up while we were out out of town. We brought him home to play with our boys for a week while waiting for Easter Day. When Logan finally got his gift he was so excited to meet his precious Miniture Schnuazer (aka a little Levi) on Easter, they named him Remmy.

Our dogs Levi and Pico thought he was really cute. Levi being a native Schanuzer thought that was his puppy and was very very protective. Here are a few shots of Remmy and the boys!

Pico looks like a Monster compared to this little guy!

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