Monday, April 26, 2010

Gig Em' Aggies

Well, for those of you who don't know.... my husband is a die hard Aggie! He literally bleeds maroon. I made fun of it for the longest time but decided since I didn't have any school spirit from Ole' SFA (who would) that I would join in because this wasn't going away.

At Hank's Silent Auction at the Helping Hank Crop Noni (Derric's Mom) won 5 OU vs. A&M baseball tickets. The original plan was for Derric, Hank, , Noni, Lee, Jennifer, and I to all go as a family. Well Jennifer is on bedrest and couldn't come and Hank had just gotten his 4 month shots and had a little fever so..... we sent him to Grandpa's and had invited The Hayter's to join us.
Guess Hank and Hayes might go to their first A&M game together after all.

Derric's middle brother Lee (preggers pic) was a catcher for A&M for a couple of years and his little brother Matt Jack (#4) played for OU last year, now on the White Sox farm league team the Voyagers. So needless to say it was a great game to watch, we still knew some of the boys form last years games at OU. Noni wore and A&M jersey and OU hat, she's so funny!
She didn't want to be partial to her boys! So sweet.

Lee and Jenn's A&M Baseball Pic (too cute!)
Matt Jack #4

So here are a few pictures from us at the game.

Derric, Me and Noni... after the game
Us with The Hayters

I had to throw together a little something together because I went out to buy a new aggie shirt from Academy and came home with the wrong one, ugh!
So I made a brooch instead, inspired by Joy's Hope the Messy flower!


Anonymous said...

Sam, thanks for the pictures and sweet write up. I had a great time with you guys and, of course, either way, I was on the winning team! xoxoxo Noni

Emily said...

You are so creative!! (Axe 'em :)