Monday, April 19, 2010

Sweet Lil Man'

So we had a pretty exciting weekend... Derric had a birthday last week and so did Hank. We even went to a 6 month birthday for Taylor Mae. Here are a few pictures.

    So I guess you could say the food is going pretty good! Haha, he loves it. When I start to mix the bowl he gets so excited and starts kicking his legs and talking to me about it, and he also starts talking to me as soon as I take the spoon out of his mouth to refill it.
    • This is a picture from Derric's birthday dinner of Derric's Mom, my Mom, and sister taking care of Hank all at the same time. Noni is the holder, Gramm's is the bottle feeder and Stevi is the burper. Too funny!

      This is Taylor and Hank at Taylor's 6 month birthday party, she was trying to touch him and he was just eyeing the cake.

      Taylor Mae 6 months old!

      Loretta (Taylor's Mom) made the cake as a suprise, she knew I hadn't made Hank's 4 month one yet so she made it for us. It was so sweet.

      Happy 4 month birthday baby boy!
      Love you

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