Sunday, June 20, 2010

6 Sweet Months


Hank is growing so fast it is so hard to believe he is already six months old!

Here are a few new things he is doing now:

He is sitting up so well for such long periods of time .

Sweet Potatoe Puffs, he makes this awful face then wants more, haha watch this clip but don't forget to mute the music player at the bottom of the page!

He trys to put them in his mouth by his hands but they stick to his hands,
then he just gives up and eats them off his tray.

He holds his own bottle now.


He really likes to swing in the backyard.

He gets into everything he can reach, he loved the icing....

and so did Pico.....

Our boxer Pico decided that the fondant Mickey Mouse Head and Ears would be a great midnight snack. The black icing wasn't so bad but the red was. I called the carpet cleaning people asap, they came out to our house by 2 pm that day but it still didn't come out.

This birthday was expenisve:

Cake 30.00

Plates 1.50

Napkins 1.50

Carpet Cleaning 312.00

Total: 345.00 plus a stain in the carpet as a party favor!

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