Monday, June 21, 2010

I Like to Play

Here are even more pictures of Hank from his 6 month birthday. They were so cute, I thought they deserved their own post. This just goes to show, he doesn't sit near as still for me as he used to while I play Paparazzi with him.

Sidenote:Derric told me someone told him that Hank makes Angelina and Brad's kids jealous from all the pictures that are taken of him. Haha!

I think he is saying
"Mom, I have already taken 75 pictures,
I am not going to stop playing for you to pose me into perfect position."

Run, run as fast as you can....
You can't catch me I am the gingerbread man.

"This toy is totally awesome"

Hank loves to swtich his toys from one hand to another. He is trying to pick up little pieces and of course attempt to put them into his mouth. He also just learned to wave bye, bye!

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