Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween Night

We were invited to our sweet friends house... The Slinkard's. We went last year and we dressed up so we thought we were too close to the part not to dress up!

I made my sister in laws delicious 7 layer dip and add a few skeleton's for fun!

I was a very uncomfortable about to POP Juno and Derric was my high school boyfriend who knocked me up Paulie Bleeker.

We walked aroudn the negihborhood and my sweet friend Christine came back and saw my swollen feet and gave me a 20 minute foot rub. That is the best gift I have been given since my pregnancy!!!

She then started talking like Angela Johnson and doing her nail salon talk!

Here was a picture from our costumes last year, a little bit cuter!

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Rachey said...

Awww cute costumes! Are you holding baby Lexie? She's just precious :)