Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Life's Little Lessons...

Well, I have had my doctor since 35 weeks telling me that she thinks Hank is coming anyday.... So, it has made such un needed anticipation ya know? Lost my plug on Thursday so the nurse said normally within a week I should deliver, another false statement. I went in today (38 weeks)and I had only dilated to a 1/2 cin. which is nothing to write home about. At 33 weeks I tore my groin muscle so as this little baby grows it puts a ton of pressure on that muscle, and is unable to heal until he is delivered. My doctor is always up beat and turns it around on me that as soon as my body will cooperate she can't wait to deliver him and will meet us in the hospital as soon as we call. Which is really sweet but has made me feel like, my body isn't doing it's job and Hank would be ready and just each day feels like an eternity. My cervix thinned out at 35 weeks.... so it's just an unfun waiting game. As soon as the appt was over I burst into tears! I want the baby to be healthy and come when he is ready but I need patience, b/c I feel like I have been given so much false hope that he was coming early. After I left the appt I got a speeding ticket on the I-45 feeder in front of Main Event, in a school zone. It was just a bad day (I didn't even try to talk to the officer).

But.... at the end of the day I have friends who are going through so much worse. Our very dear friends that are inexpecting their first baby in June Stephanie and Derek just had a miscarriage, and my girlfriend that is 31 weeks had her water break and she is going to have to stay at the hospital for over a month and try to keep from delivering her baby.

Derric and I sponsor a little girl from Rwanda through Compassion and she writes me letters once a month, when I got home from my awful day I had one in the mailbox, at the bottom of the letter she leaves me a bible verse this time it was: 1 Thessalonians 5:18 which says.... "Give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus."

How awesome is that! I am being so caught up in myself that my poor little girl in Rwanda, Africa who lives in an AIDS infected community, barely has clean water, and is in a third world country witnessing only God knows whatd aily, I had a friend who just lost her baby, and another friend on her knees that her baby will make it, and I just want mine early because of a little discomfort. Thank you Jesus for giving me a convicted heart and surrounding me by Christian people who love me.

I am so thankful I have friends like you to pray for me. God is good.


Emily said...

Wow how cool about the postcard. God's timing is always best. (when needing to hear a certain verse or encouragement, and also when bring a baby into the world :) Hang in there!

The Townsend's said...

Hang in there! My sister just went through the same thing a few months ago and you will barely remember this time once little Hank arrives!

At the Beach with Dave and Alicia said...

Aww, Samantha! You will make it girl! I promise! Believe me I know how uncomfortable you are, but once you hold Hank and look into his little face, you won't remember any of that! I do love your perspective... God teaches us great things when we are "uncomfortable," be it physical or emotional. It really is a great place to be! Thinking of you and praying for you! love you!
ps... shame on that cop for not having mercy on you!!!