Monday, March 8, 2010

Crupe, Crud, Crap.... and 400 bucks later!

Hank is 3 months old today.... it's hard to believe. I will post pictures later of his birthday. We have had a crazy last 2 weeks. Let's see about 5 weeks ago now Hank had a cold, sneezing, congested went to the doctor they said no medication, just monitor him and about 10 days later it was over. Then it came back this time with a cough, so I went to get the RSV test again and they said it's just a cold. Maybe even allergies, at this age the two are so similar it's hard to tell. But again no meds, just wait it out. Okay..... then he started really coughing and wheezing went to ER on Saturday conviently and they told me it was just a cold, his lungs look fine. Then the following night he had 102 fever so I called his surgeons nurse Beth and told her the whole big ordeal and asked if I should go back to the ER, and she said yes so went back to ER, and they said same thing. So, I felt like a total over reacting first time parent of course! Monday comes around and I call the doctor and I told him, I do not want to bring Hank in but I just want you to know what are weekend was like, he is getting worse and Tylenol is really working, he sounds like a 80 year old smoker when he coughs and the kid can not breath. Hank just so happened to cough while I am on the phone and he says..... That sounds like Crupe, be in my office first thing in the morning. So, for the third time in 4 days Hank was taking back to be looked at and this time he found fluid on the lungs from Crupe, and a double ear infection caused by having Crupe???? Okay seriously just spent 400.00 at ER and they did chest x rays, listened to his lungs, and looked in his ears and they couldn't find that?? I was literally feeling like we were playing Monopoly when you roll the dice and have to get one of those bad cards that reads "Your child has to get braces pay 2,000.00 and lose your turn". Geez! So now poor baby is on Albuterol breathing treatments every four hours and Amoxil for the infection. He has been on the mediaction for a full week now and is feeling much, much better. Thank goodness we just started taking Financial Peace in our Sunday School class by Dave Ramsey, I think we are gonna need it. Haha!

This little miracle worker saved my life (thanks to Beth for letting me know about it), it is the new and improved booger suctioner, and it's AMAZING. Say goodbye to blind bulb suctioning, you can actually here were there is moisture and get it out so much better and more quickly than the bulb. The little guys hate having us mess with their noses, so this is a quick and effective way!
It's by Graco at Walgreens.

Here are a few pictures I couldn't resist.


He really loves to stick out his tongue!

this picture is for Tammy my "real" biological mother haha, she is the only one who understands that Hank must wear shoes when leaving the house, even if he isn't really using them.....

(the big joke is Trista should have been birthed by my mom, because they are very much alike and Trista's mom Tammy should have given birth to me because we are very much alike).

Oh yes, and I started back to work last Monday so Derric had to play daddy daycare at Ranger which was quite hilarious. Both of the girls who were going to watch Hank until April when he can go into in home day care couldn't watch him because he was contagious

(couldn't get Taylor Mae, or Baby Hayes and Aunt Jennifer sick).


Emily said...

That is one of the hardest things about parenting babies/toddlers is knowing when something is serious enough it warrants a doctor visit, or is just something you have to wait it out. I bet even the Duggars still struggle with that! You did a good job - better safe than sorry!

crogers331 said...

Love thoses shoes. Just look at Cody...I dressed him everyday, full outfit with shoes and to this day he will not go barefooted! Got to love that boy. Please tell Hankster to stop growing! He is so incredibly darling.
P.S. I found the girls shoes, just waiting on Hank have have a baby sister!

Jenn said...

The ER may not have seen the ear infection, because as our pediatrician told us, the ears can go from clar to full blown infection in just a couple of hours. That being said they should have caught the crupe, because again from my experience, they tend to over diagnose that in the ER (especially if they are busy). We were told our son had that once by a doc at the pediatric ER and his normal doc (who we saw just 2 days later b/c the antibiotic the ER gave did not do the job) said he did not have the crupe because his lungs were perfectly clear! Anywho, we took our son into the pediatrician whenever he had a cough or anything everytime until he was over a year old. It is way too hard to tell what really warrants a doc visit (at least for me) until about the 18 month mark! Now my son is 3 and a half and unless the fever lasts over 24 hours or is above 102 we don't go in to the doctor. My philospohy is that you can never regret the doc telling you it's just a cold or allergies, but you could end up regretting not going in to get them looked at. Better safe than sorry!

*been reading your blog since Hank was born (saw part of your sotry on Joy's blog) and love his little Aggie gear!