Monday, March 8, 2010

Happy Boy

Taylor Mae and Hank love to watch t.v together, currently they have been hooked on American Idol oh wait.... maybe that's me! All kidding aside these babies love the lights from the t.v. these pictures were taken before Hank was sick, they have had withdrawls from each other the whole time they were apart, oh wait again that was more me. Since Hank has been taking his breathing treatments now he loves to do it in front of the t.v while watching Mickey's Playhouse, he smiles and kicks his legs and swings his arms so big with that little mask on. It's so sweet.

P.S. Taylor is wearing skinny jeans they are too cute, she's quite the fashion diva!

He will lay in his bed and just play while the mobile is on.
Reaching for the stars...

Enough already Lady give me the paci.

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Emily said...

Ahh baby skinny jeans!! I'm dying! I need to find some for my girls! haha