Monday, March 29, 2010

Dad's Surgery Updates

They took him back around 1:30, the surgeon and his staff all prayed with our family it was so comforting. The doctor said they thought the surgery would be roughly 4-5 hours depending on if they are only going to do a triple bypass. If they go in and think he needs more than they will go ahead and do it while he is under.

1:20pm: The chaplain came to visit with our family in the waiting room and gave us each a little fabric heart, he told us to hold them while he is in surgery and know that God has him in his hand. We loved that it was so sweet. Now we are just waiting for updates..... as soon as we get them I will post.

3:00: The surgeons nurse Sherill came and gave us an update, she said he is doing well. They did put him on the heart and lung machine, he is a risk for a stroke when he comes off the machine so please pray for the transition. He is currently still needing 3 bypass'.

3:45: Dad's heart is beating on his own... great sign, he ended up with a triple bypass. They are taking him off the heart and lung machine now (please pray for no stroke, he is at risk) then they will sew him up and take him to his ICU room. They are hoping by 8-9 pm they will be able to take him off the breathing tube if all is well.

4:15: They are sewing his chest closed now, he is off the heart and lung machine. (they will not know if he has had a stroke until after he wakes up. Praying for all to go well and for a full and speedy recovery.

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