Sunday, March 28, 2010

Guess WHO breaks out.....

So today Derric and I went to visit my dad after church. He was visiting with a very dear friend of our family Linda Haha! He wasn't laying in a hospital bed like most ICU patients... No he was actually dressed from head to toe, shoes and all sitting in the chair beside his bed. You would have thought he was a visitor. We stayed for about an hour and he started dozing off so we told him we would go have lunch and let him take a nap and come back!

So, we did just that and when we returned he wasn't anywhere to be found. My sister told me the night before he was trying to make friends with other patients on his floor.... he even joked about running for Mayor! His sense of humor never seems to leave which is so great, even if he isn't too happy about it and he's being ugly, he says it in the funniest ways, that you have to laugh! So I looked in everyroom and walked around the whole floor and could not find him. I found his nurse and asked if he had been taken for a test and she said Noooooo.... but I can guess where he might be? She said he has been looking out his view of the lake and is dying to get outside, so we went to walk out to look for him and just as we were at the door he hollared to us, he was in this empty hall way staring out into the sunshine saying "I just want to sit outside, I hate not being able to go outside", he is such an outdoor person, at home he is always on the porch or in the garage with the door raised so he can be outdoors. So sadly he went back to his room so we could chat. About 15 minutes later my sister called, she was watching Hank for us so that we could go to church, she lives about 5 mins from church which is such a help since he can't go around those other kiddos til May 1st. She told us that she was at the hospital to bring us Hank, my mom wanted to see him and so I thought.... I am gonna find his nurse and ask if there was anyway we could take him to see Hank for just a minute. I wanted him so badly to be able to hold him before his surgery since Hank's immune system would be too low to bring in the hospital. Believe it or not they let us take him down to see him outside. We were so excited for him! So here are a few pictures of that special memory, this made his week.

Please pray for my dad's surgery Monday (tomorrow) at 12:30, pray for the doctor's to have steady hands and wisdom, that my dad would have peace and comfort tomorrow. Also please pray for him to be able to STOP smoking he desperately wants help to quit, please pray that the Lord will give him the will power to follow through with it so that he can live many more years to love on his sweet grandchildren that he adores so much.

All he keeps talking about is our annual Easter lunch at his house, he hunts eggs for my nieces and really looks forward to cooking out for his family. We have told him that we will still do Easter when he is home and ready, we wouldn't do it without him!

Hank's Easter Pictures by Dee Howell


crogers331 said...


Your Dad and your family will be in our prayers today. He is a fighter and has alot to live for. He and Hank will have alot to talk about when Hank gets older, they can compare scars!

We love you soo much and I hope that you can feel my arms around you!

Love, Tam

Ashley said...

OK, seriously, Hank is the cutest little thing I've seen! Oh my goodness, could you guys have made a more beautiful baby!?! :) HE IS PRECIOUS! Love ya!