Thursday, July 8, 2010

Almost 30

From the fullness of his grace we

have all recieved one blessing after another.

John 1:16

On July 6th, I turned 28.... Wow, that's really close to 30 isn't it? I am totally blessed old or not to have a wonderful family and friends to celebrate with. My mom's birthday is the 11th so we celebrated together. We went to eat at the very yummy Lupe Tortilla where they have the best Beef Fajitas EVER...... They started there business in the year I was born by a little family in Addicks, TX they have a cute story check it out. Here are a few pictures of the night
"Eees gooood homes".

Meghan made these center pieces for the table for me and my mom

(her vase had a D for Donna), she's so sweet!

Me and Derric

Christina and Matt (Derric's brother)

Stevi (my sister) and Richard

Reid, Hank, and Pax

Jennifer and Lee (Derric's brother)

Logan and Meghan

Loretta and Al ( the famous Taylor Mae's parents)

My mom opening a card.

Hank and Taylor

Sweet Babies.

My precious cake, thanks Babe!

It was so wonderful to be old and loved anyway!

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