Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Strike a Pose!

Me and my college roomates or should I say cheermates from Blinn got together this weekend. Our families have blossomed and it is so neat to watch everyone of us grow in different ways. We met in College Station and had lunch at Shipwreck Grill (delicious) and then went bowling at Grand Central Station..... Tayden and Hank had a wonderful time talking up a storm and taking each others toys away from one another. We have another get together in the Fall for the Scarecrow festival, can't wait. When we 3 get together it feels as if we never misssed a beat, truth of it is... we only talk like once a month. Here are a few pics from our reunion!

Gotta love the FREE socks!

Totally Hot!

Chanae, Amanda, and Me
Derric, Chanae, and Gatlin

Bubba, Tayden, and Amanda


Too pooped to play!

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