Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Sweet Harughty Boys

So our A/C is broken, so sad...( tear, tear). So instead of lugging all of our stuff to our parents houses, we went to Lee and Jennifer's house since they have a baby too, and all the gear! It has made it so nice for us. I have watched 6 episodes of Prison Break (my new t.v. show from Netflix) and gotten a little of my sewing projects started (messed up, and more than anything on a bit of a learning curve). Hank and Hayes have even started to nap at the same time. We have been here since Friday and we will finally get back into our home tonight after our new 3 TON A/C unit arrives. Thank goodness I can buy them at my work for cost, those suckers are expensive and so is the install. Guess we won't be making our anniversary vacation to Vegas, haha! Here is a sweet picture of Hank 7.5 months and Hayes 2.5 months. We had to put Hank's arm behind the pillow so he wouldn't grab Hayes hair and make it cry for the third time!

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