Sunday, October 18, 2009

Christmas Mania

So as crazy as this sounds...... I have to have Christmas ready soon. I am such a Christmas lover and I have this little unknown lifestyle change coming in 40ish days and then Christmas will be right around the corner. I have been so worried about the perfect stockings for our little family. Last year Derric and I got these same Pottery Barn Stockings in Green. Also, last year we had a Peacock colored Christmas Tree (Copper, Gold, Turquoise and Green). We said that when we started a family we would swtich to a traditional tree of Red and Green (a little gold too)! So I was so excited to find Pottery Barn had these come back in a new color of RED!!! This will be perfect for our mantel. We are going to get 3 just in case we need them all someday. Derric would love 3 I say let's chat after 2. I had the same stocking at my parents house since I was born and really wanted that tradition for our family too. So, thank goodness for PB!
We have almost all of our shopping done ( I started in June). When I say our.... we all know men don't shop. They get all the glory the day of..... but everyone knows that they really don't do much to prepare for Christmas. My love language is "gifts" so I am so big on making sure that this Christmas we still are able to give gifts to our friends and loved ones. I have an unpaid Maternity leave which is really going to hurt come Decemeber so I am trying to plan ahead. REAL AHEAD! The doctor already told us for up to six weeks she doesn't want the baby going out with the flu and all. So, my shopping is almost done! Even though it may be a little smaller than normal we will still plan to have a great Christmas. After all this is Jesus Birthday and we are going to celebrate. This year Derric and I will have the best gift of all.... the gift of life.

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Emily said...

Y'all sound like me and James - he wanted about 6, until we had one. Then he dropped that number to 3, but once we got pregnant with Annabel, we both realized we're best suited with 2. :)