Sunday, October 25, 2009

Take Me Out To The Ball Game!

Well, I don't talk to much about my amazing husband Derric on here so I guess I will do a little post in honor of him! Well, Derric loves to play mens sofball. He plays on our church team every Monday night. He really enjoys it, just to fellowship with other Christian Men and be a kid for a few hours and just run around and get a little excercise. Well, his youngest brother Matt (I told you in a previous post he plays for the White Sox farm team) is on off season and all of his friends are graduating college and are back home, so they have a bunch of old ball players in town so they decided to make a tournament team! So Derric and some of his buddies, and all the younger guys that Derric has known growing up through his brothers are all on one team! They call themselves "The Gringos" here is a picture of them from a Cancer Tournament the played a few weeks back for an 4 yr old girl. The name of the tournament was Cancer Sucks which I thought was horrible for a little girl... but Derric says "well Cancer does Suck"? I guess he has a point! The boys did a great job and had a blast they are looking forward to doing this about once a month! ( I know the picture is blurry I think it was taken on a camera phone and then emailed out).

They won first place at the Tournmaent at PJ's Softball Park!