Thursday, March 17, 2011

Hank's 1st Vintage Firetruck Birthday

Well this year we had a very happy little year old, he knew this party was just for HIM. I thought this was already posted.... oops, it was sitting in my drafts, his birthday was Decemeber 8th.  He enjoyed the company as much or more than all the gifts, and boy did he like the firetruck coming to the party. We did a Vintage firetruck themed party, it was a real hit! I had a few friends help me find all sorts of goodies to decorate with too! It was a true sucess, everyone even brought a gift for the sick children at the hospital Hank stayed at last Christmas, it was so sweet. I hope you enjoy all the pictures!

The invitation lady ended up using Hank's picture on her website
so she changed all the info so his new name is Jack, haha!

My niece Paxton made this canvas wall hanging for Hank for our front door!

 These are all the toys our sweet friends brought for us to donate to the Children's Hospital.

Hank approved all of them as wonderful toys, that others would love to play with.

 The kids loved decorating firetruck cookies.
 The proud Parker with his shiny red firetruck.
 Katlyn, Ally, and Joshua working on their cookie Master Piece.
 Look who it is the Montgomery Firefighters coming to wish Hank a Happy Birthday!
All of Hank's special friends.
 Hank posing with his little firetruck next to the big one.
 He sure liked opening the presents too!
 Hayes Man enjoying the ball pit.

My parents made this vintage firetruck for the yard for Hank's party, isn't cute?


The Townsend's said...

Oh my gosh, you are SO creative!! You should be a party planner! When our little girl turns one I'm going to have to call you for tips! His party looked great and he's the cutest little one year old boy!

Christine said...

The party is amazing, you did such a great job!

Steve-n-Angela said...


Andrea said...

Love this party! I found your blog while looking for inspiration for my son's 3 year old fireman party. Where did you find the food serve ware (the red metal tins with fire, hot dog wrappers etc)?
Did you make them? You really did a great job with this party!! :) Thanks for sharing!