Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A Walk on the WILD side

A couple weeks ago we took Hank on his first ZOO trip, funny thing about it, it was also Derric's first trip to the zoo.  He said he was just waiting to go with Hank all these years.  I don't know who enjoyed it more, Hank or Derric.  Derric was very intrigued with the large cats and took a TON of pictures.  Hank liked the birds that were just flying around the best, he would say "up, up" and point to the sky!  He also was very fascinated by the Life Flight, I only cried once... Everytime I hear that noise it just brings me back to the time when the doctor told me life flight was coming for Hank, and I just feel a huge lump in my throat for the family that was just given that same news, it's awful.  Anyway, the day was so much fun.... Hank also loved trying to run to the Zoo Keepers golf carts, I guess he thinks it is his grandpa's.  He would climb up and say "vroom" and grab the steering wheel, too funny!

This is the hospital where Hank stayed, it over looks the Houston Zoo.  We would tell Hank while we were staying there that if he got better we could bring him here next year..... We are so blessed to be able to have fulfilled that dream we all had!

Hank see's the birds and says "UP"!

God Bless this Family!
Just soaking it all up.
"A Playground... WOW, I'm outta here"

A quick family pic!

The little people were too funny, they were doing what looked like wheel barrel races on 2 legs when we were watching them.  SO COOL!
Just chillin'

Just a little back scratchin'
Here Kitty, Kitty, Kitty! WOW!
And lions too!
Black Panther (Derric's Favorite)
The cats were really big, and really pretty to look at!

A little funin the gift shop! Dave Ramsey told us to just window shop!!

We had a wonderful time just the 3 of us, can't wait to do it again, and see what Hank is into next time!

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