Wednesday, March 23, 2011

One Ish, Two Ish, Red Ish, Blue Ish

We really didn't catch any red fish or blue fish, that is just taken from Cat in the Hat which Hank loves.   But, we did catch 7 fish total.  We took Hank for the first time to our favorite little fishing spot in Del Lago to catch some fish.  Me and Derric always have a competition, and guess who won...... I did.  I caught 4 Derric caught 3, although he does have a disadvantage because he has to stop fishing to take my caught fish off the hook, I am too chicken.

Hank loved being outside we kept him in the jogger most of the time for safety, but we got him out for a bit.  We did all of this fishing in a little over an hour. 
Hank even touched one of the fish we were really surprised. 
We are working of the word fish, he says "ISH", it's soooo cute!

 Derric would always tell me what kind of fish we were catching, he said this time we caught
 Perch, Bass, and Crappie. We didn't keep any this time, they were kind of small.
 Derric showing Hank the fish, I don't like to hold them.

We had a wonderful time and plan to fo back soon!

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Anonymous said...

So, when are we having 'ish' tacos? Cute! Noni