Thursday, March 10, 2011

"Haw" Cowboy

As I talked to Hank about going to the Houston Live Stock Show and Rodeo I told him to say "yehaw" but all he could say was "HAW" really loud, I thought it was too cute.  So now he keeps saying that.  Derric was blessed to be given 4 rodeo tickets this year by a customer to Trace Adkins, and not that we aren't fans, we decided it would be more fun for us this year to take the boys to the livestock show and check out all the animals instead, and of course go to the carnival.  Hank was in "hog" heaven literally. He was running everywhere and pointing to all the animals.  We brought Derric's brother Lee and his wife Jennifer and our precious Nephew Hayes!  We had a wonderful time here are some pictures of our outing with the precious cousins.
Hank didn't really like riding it by himself he wanted to ride with Hayes!
Then he decided he didn't like that so he tried riding with mommy.
(Sorry it's blurry that thing was going pretty fast)
What a wonderful family portrait, haha, toddlers ROCK!
Hayes is normally Mr. Smiles, guess he wasn't feelin it!
Hank wasn't quite ready to ride his first pony, but hey we tried!
Petting Zoo FUN!
Hank was literally running after the animals.
Lots of babies....
Whatcha think about em' Hank?

We loved going into the barn. We even found another Hank.
Hank the PIG!
Jennifer was frightened by the longhorn, and she's an aggie!

I loved watching the baby chicken that had just hatched, that was so neat to watch.
Checkin out the CHICKS!
Cowboy Hayes Man
The Harughty Boys minus Matt!
Cowboy Hank
The Mommy's and their little cowboys.

Jenn and I saw these cute little cars in "kiddie land" so we took the boys on a ride, much to our suprise these should not have been for toddlers but for 12 year olds, Hank crawled in my lap and it was making our tummies DROP!!!!

Jennifer and I went CRAZY and rode this ride!
The Daddy's wanted to play games and win prizes for the boys!

Hank got a tiger.
We had a wonderful time at the RODEO can't wait to go next year!


The McDaniel's said...

I love the rodeo pictures! Hopefully we get the chance to bring Haley with us next year! Y'all are such a beautiful family :)

Anonymous said...

So cute, Sam! The boys all looked like they had a great time, big and small! and the girls too! What great memories you are making. Thanks for sharing them with us.
Love, Noni xoxoxo