Monday, January 18, 2010

Hank's Photo Shoot

So since our sweet friend Dee Howell couldn't do too much with Hank in the NICU, we had her come back out to the house to get some more pictures of Hank. Here are the 3 she has sent me so far. Her back has been hurting very badly so please pray for her she finds out this week if she will need surgery or not! Poor Dee!

We had Derric, Me, Dee, and Noni helping with the photo shoot. Hank really was a good sport while we changed him all around!

Vote your favorite in the comments.... More to come soon.


Anonymous said...

This is Kathrine from the YMCA prenatal class - we have been following Hank's journey and are so glad that he is home and healthy! Baby Easton and I pray for you guys every night and will continue to do it. You have been such an inspiration and know that Gad made Hank especially for you and Derric - you are the best he could have!

Love, Kathrine & Baby Easton

ps - I love the 2nd pic with his sweet toes!!

Anonymous said...

These photographs are absolutely beautiful!! She does a fantastic job!!

Sam, I am so glad that your sweet little Hank is doing so well. Times like that can be so tough and you and your family have just pushed through everything so gracefully. Times can be tough, but it's all about finding the silver lining in everything that gets you to the light at the end of that tunnel!! Congratulations again!

P.S. I absolutely LOVE the black and white baseball picture. One of the reasons I love it so much is that you can see his beautiful much to be proud of with that. One strong little man!!

Kari Ransom said...

oh - i love them all! but i think my fav is the baseball & glove.. he's lying there dreaming of his first home run!

love kari

Donna Nevitt said...

Derric and Sam,
I love them all, but boy that baseball and glove picture captures it all. Your dreams for him and the journey he has already begun. You guys are fantastic parents and it shows already in you strength and wisdom when it comes to your own son. Can you imagine now how much God loves you since you have a son to compare it to. Grace, faith and love have brought you through all of this and His Love will continue to grant you "Peace that passes all understanding." Love, Gramms

Bridgette said...

I LOVE the last one! He's so cute guys! So glad to see him doing so well! God Bless!
-Bridgette (Palella) Skinner